One Year Sober: What To Expect & Benefits

And, you know, I couldn’t give them that 100% of the time while I was in the marriage, but now I can give it to them 50% of the time. So I’m complete, I’m satisfied and happy. The kids are still, you know, in their adjustment periods, but are doing really, really well. Because its big decisions were made. But I am completely happy and satisfied.

One of the most common questions I get from women is “What happens in your first year of sobriety?”

And I think that’s part of the drinking to it, right? Even for them and their kids like, and their friends and their friends, parents. It’s like, no, because so many women who want to stop drinking are scared of it or worried about it, they were like, I don’t want to be in that bucket. And I think the more that we share, like, yeah, I used to drink, and I quit, because that shifts bad for you.

New Friends Are Part of Your Life

So when I stopped drinking, and that really, really clear, it just became obvious that we needed to work on our marriage. And I knew that I did, when you and I did our session at 100 days, that was the next thing. I was like, I’ve got to work on my marriage, I’ve, we are struggling, and we’re not going to make it if we don’t work on it.

How to navigate drinking events, old friendships and new friendships in your first year of sobriety

And I’m amazed at the difference I already see in my body just after a month. My stomach is in bloated and I stopped taking my altar medication. I thought the reason I felt like garbage meant that I needed to take amino acids and supplements. But the truth is I was just drinking way too much. I used to have a pill container full of vitamins and now I’m down to just a few not drinking is the best thing in the whole world. I mean, I’m open, but I’m also you know, my life is pretty full now.

But what I can tell you from living through one year without alcohol or drugs is that it’s the most worthwhile work I’ve ever done. My life sober is far better than I ever could have imagined. Design for Recovery provides structured sober living in Los Angeles, California. It’s about rebuilding your life, relationships, and self-esteem. Engaging with supportive communities on social media has also played a role, offering encouragement and connection.

  • During that first year of recovery, you don’t want to separate yourself from a healthy community.
  • This is a common condition called post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS), and symptoms will improve over time.
  • But we had all these fancy bottles from a recent wine tasting trip.

If there’s ever a time when it’s useful to structure your time and reflect on yourself, that first year of recovery is it. Remember, you have plenty of new tools and coping skills at your disposal. Even long after you’ve completed detox, your body may still be recovering.

first year sober

first year sober

This is because experts say that it takes approximately one year for your brain and body to fully heal from the effects of alcohol and adjust to an alcohol-free lifestyle. This year of healing is usually both challenging and incredibly rewarding. While no two journey’s look the same, here are some common patterns that you might expect in your first year of sobriety. The good news about physical withdrawal symptoms is that they tend to peak in the first few days and then start getting better.

first year sober

You’ll not only be over stressing yourself, you’ll be setting yourself up for a crash. Attempting Sober House to do too much too soon is a recipe for relapse. How do you get acquainted with schedules?

When I cut out alcohol, the weight started falling off. Now that we’re through all the really rough stuff with the first year of sobriety. Let’s get into the benefits of not drinking alcohol.